Smile Again

Smile Again, Kim Gemmell's Book of Inspiring anecdotes to empower and prosper


Smile Again

A Book of Inspiring Anecdotes to Empower & Prosper

Well, I figured this is a good time as any to write my second book. Being in self-isolation because of our current pandemic with COVID-19 gives many of us the opportunity to get some things crossed off our list.  And that’s all what this book is about…finding the positives in challenging times of great adversity.

You’ll find that is pretty much the common denominator in all my chapters. Mostly various anecdotes to break through barriers, tools to step outside of the box and reach a sustainable continuity of happiness, fulfillment and joy; even following dark days.

Smile Again Is Officially

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Kim Gemmell knows all about living through challenging times. She shares her incredible story in her first book, Bravery; Our Journey of Faith, Hope & Love, which follows the birth of her son Avery born with a critical heart defect, and beautiful daughter Jesse diagnosed with autism.

Now many years later, her experience has inspired a purpose to provide the ability to not only rise above adversity, but to find renewed faith and fortitude.

Hopefully we will all experience an abundance of laughter and joy in our life, but, unfortunately we will face very tough times too, especially throughout our nation’s Covid pandemic crisis. Right now, we need to use our strengths to support each other more than ever. I felt compelled to write this book to help people understand that it’s how we deal with adversity that makes all the difference in the world. We can indeed find many ways to ‘Smile Again’.”  Kim Gemmell ~       

Avery and Jesse are now thriving young adults and along with their mom and dad, enjoy a very fulfilling life in British Columbia, Canada. Camping and being in the outdoors are their favorite way to spend time together.

They are honored to share book proceeds, and your purchase of a copy will help support various charities and non-profits who have been greatly affected from this years pandemic.

Kim Gemmell's family


A Special Insiders Look

We are enduring a catastrophic time…people are sick and many dying all over the world. We are fighting an invisible enemy and parts of the world are getting bombarded.  It’s a very surreal and unpredictable time. We don’t know when it will end or how many will be in the wake of its toll. We are all affected and cope in different ways. Some will go into depression or high anxiety; some will step up to help their vulnerable neighbor and friends or keep busy doing things – like spring cleaning and getting in better shape. The number of couch potatoes will likely multiply. There are countless effects, but there is one common denominator that we all share. How we decide to proceed during bad times is a very important choice which will determine our outcome, and likely affect those who we live with or have relationships with.

People will pass blame for their actions and behaviors, but when you point a finger at someone else, you have three pointing back at you. Take accountability for your actions. I see people on social media ranting and raving, complaining, hating and shaming. What good does that do? It just spreads more doom and negativity.

I also see people finding some positivity and helping others. People making masks and donating them, people checking in on those who are alone, or vulnerable. Cheering on and praising all our frontline workers and hero’s. We all can help and serve in some way, even if it is following the rules by safe distancing, or just staying home, we all can make a difference.

My daughter Jesse, who is autistic, is not going to her daily program because it is closed. Yet she is stepping up to help me every day with house and yard work, doing crafts and making necklaces and selling by donation, so she can give to the charities she works for. She has been a huge support providing encouragement to her other special needs friends who are feeling scared. Although she has struggled with anxiety in the past, she is making the best of it and is being as productive as she can.

We hold the power to win over evil. We have a choice with what we do and say.  We must lift people up, come together, and think before we judge. We are the illustrators to our children who set the example, and we all want to be great role models for our children. Let’s take the lead, not just during this pandemic, but whenever we are faced with adversity. This is our wake-up call.

I’ve started gathering some feedback from people to find out what positive things have come from living through this crisis so far and will share some of them once they’ve been collected.

I am enlightened and emotionally moved from various perspectives. I’m not sure where the world will be when my book is finished. And I don’t know when I will have the book finished, but we will continue to find the silver linings.

For those who lose loved ones from this dreadful virus, I give my sincerest condolences. Losing loved ones are the worst times for us to bear, and so much more heart-wrenching in the wake of this pandemic. I pray for healing and strength for you all.

For the frontline workers risking their life every day to save others, you are truly hero’s.  Your selflessness is noble, and once this dreadful virus is behind us, we will celebrate and honor you in the way you deserve. For now, we will follow the rules, keep practicing the safety measures, and do all we can to help lessen the burden for you.

Sometimes powerful lessons come from great peril. When tragedy struck my own life, I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I didn’t think I ever would. But sometimes adversity leaves a gift. An opportunity to live a more flourished life and engineer a change of destiny.

When my son Avery was born, he spent his first five months living in the hospital with a critical heart defect and many days where he was not expected to live. I experienced one of the most devastating experiences a human can be faced with. I would give up my own life for my children. We all would. However, this experience gave me a purpose to give back, and support all I can who will experience their own crisis or be affected with the challenging times like we are currently experiencing. Through my plight I was able to discover a purpose and turn my ‛wounds into wisdom′. Having the time now, as well as knowing our nation will find fortitude from its perspective, I felt the need to get started now.

Why I Choose to Smile

Smile Again is an enlightening motivational book about anecdotes and manifestations to live our best life.  Whether we are going through a challenging time, or are seeking some positive enhancements in our life, it will provide inspiration and thought-provoking revival.

The first few chapters contain a recap of my first book, Bravery; Our Journey of Faith, Hope & Love, in order to explain what enabled me to provide people with ideas and support to live our best life.

The following chapters talk in detail about great life lessons learnt through my experience, and interesting insights for general personal growth. I have also used some great examples from extraordinary people who inspire us with their courage to break through barriers.

Whether we are going through great adversity, or simply enjoy helpful encouragement and inspiration, Smile Again will provide an easy, inspiring and entertaining read.

Kim Gemmell Smiling